Big Shot 50/50 Raffle gets Boost from Local Business

Big Shot 50/50 Raffle gets Boost from Local Business!

Genevieve Vang, Owner – Bangkok 96 & Thai Feast Frozen Foods

Buying a ticket in the Dearborn Public Schools Education Foundations’ BIG SHOT 50/50 Raffle gives a 1 in 100 chance to win $50,000.

That was all that Genevieve Vang needed to hear. Not because she wanted to try and win it but rather to try and help our school district. Genevieve, owner of Bangkok 96 and Thai Feast frozen food line has stepped up and has purchased a BIG SHOT 50/50 Raffle. She has donated her ticket back to our district. An elementary school will be selected at random to be the owner of her ticket.

Anyone who knows the Vang family knows how supportive they are of Dearborn especially our schools. Genevieve would like to see more businesses come together and sponsor a ticket on behalf of a school or charity in our community. Businesses can come together to buy a ticket for their local school, PTA, booster club, etc. Individuals can pool their dollars together to buy a ticket for the school their child attends or for their charity of choice. There are only 100 tickets being sold at $1,000 each. The drawing date will be held on 12/12/12 at Bint Jebail Cultural Center in Dearborn. If all 100 tickets are sold by then the owner of the ticket will win $50,000 and the Dearborn Public Schools Education Foundation will receive the other $50,000 to help fund teacher grants.

Genevieve would like to have every business in Dearborn support this effort because she recognizes that it as a win-win situation. “If I buy a ticket for a school the foundation receives my support and they can help our teachers plus the school may win $50,000 and the kids and teachers in that school will benefit tremendously”, stated Mrs. Vang.

This type of raffle has not been done before and when asked, Eddie N. Fakhoury – Executive Director said “We have to try something new and creative and this is unique, fun and creative. It gives our community a chance to get behind our teachers and school district in a BIG way.”

The Dearborn Education Foundation is a charitable 501(c) organization created in 1992. All donations made are 100% tax deductible. The Foundation has raised and returned over $1,400,000 million to the schools through teacher grant requests. To learn more about the Foundation or how you can purchase your BIG SHOT 50/50 Raffle go to or call their office at 313.827.8790. NOTE: As of 10/11/12 over 24 commitments have been made for the BIG SHOT 50/50 Raffle.

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