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Parent's Connections Win Grant for DCMST

IMG 17971DEARBORN, Michigan (10/30/2014)—On October 9th, Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America (PASA) granted $2,500 to the Dearborn Education Foundation to support programs at the Dearborn Center for Math, Science, and Technology (DCMST). Given that its closest office is in Farmington Hills and that it is part of the global electronics giant Panasonic Corporation, PASA’s contribution to the DCMST might seem unlikely. But this grant is evidence of the power of small connections bridging a wide divide.

Pamela Fischer is an employee of PASA, and her daughter is a graduate of the DCMST, so, when PASA announced that it would be awarding grants to schools and increasing its community outreach, Pamela saw an opportunity to give back to the school that helped lay the foundation for her daughter’s future. (Currently, her daughter is pursuing a doctorate degree in astrophysics). Pamela notified the DCMST staff who, in turn, asked the Dearborn Education Foundation for assistance in applying for one of the grants.

Given that Dearborn Public Schools enrolls approximately 19,000 students each year, the Dearborn Education Foundation is confident that many more parents have connections like Pamela’s—connections to businesses, educational institutions, non-profits, and clubs that can impact the school district. The foundation’s executive director, Eddie Fakhoury, noted, “If only 25% of parents reached out to two of their contacts, and those contacts reached out to their contacts, the positive impact on Dearborn Public Schools would be profound. We are grateful to Pamela for exemplifying what is possible.”

A Word of Thanks

Thank youThe foundation is grateful to all of our donors and partners who make our mission possible. In honor of all of them, we proudly post the thank you notes that we receive from Dearborn's teachers, students, and staff. Our most recent thank you note came from Mrs. Julianne Spencer of Henry Ford Elementary.

Mrs. Spencer's note as well as many others are posted on our home page under the "Teacher and Student Testimonials" section. Just click on any of the notes to understand the impact the foundation is having in our classrooms--from the perspective of the people whose opinion means the most: our teachers and students.

Planned Giving Cooks Up Good Food for Education

DEF Jacobs DonateDEARBORN, Michigan (10/20/2014)—Last summer, Janet Jacobs made a contribution to the Dearborn Public Schools’ high school culinary arts program through a planned giving partnership with the Dearborn Education Foundation. Like so many individuals who partner with the foundation, Janet has close ties to the school district, not only because she works within it, but also because her son is pursuing a culinary arts degree from the Henry Ford College. Janet’s planned gift was an opportunity to give back to the educational system that had so profoundly impacted her own family.

Janet reached out to the Dearborn Education Foundation because she knew of its many fundraising events to benefit the Dearborn Public Schools (fall’s FORE Golf Outing, winter’s Mardi Gras Party and Big Shot 50/50 Raffle, and spring’s Green Tie Dinner). While critical to the foundation’s funding strategy, these events often overshadow its equally important role as a planned giving partner. With planned giving, donors can contribute cash, property, life insurance, stocks, a specific item, or a percentage of an estate that will be contributed at some point in the future per the donor’s specifications. The foundation’s executive director, Eddie Fakhoury, noted: “The beauty of planned giving is that it allows donors to impact future generations of students who share their same passions.”

While the Dearborn Education Foundation has long handled planned gifts, this year, through a more aggressive campaign to attract new donors, the foundation established five new planned giving funds. Mr. Fakhoury added, “The foundation is grateful to these families and individuals for their partnership and investment.”


(08/22/2014)—Ten years ago, William Brehm, a philanthropist and Fordson High School alumnus, founded the Brehm Scholars Program. While directly covering the costs of higher education for a select group of Fordson graduates, the program has also inspired many other Fordson students to reach goals that previously seemed unattainable. Now, Mr. Brehm, an avid music lover, is broadening his impact by granting $17,000 to the district-wide choir program.

This grant was sparked by the Fordson High School vocal ensemble director, Matthew Laura, who applied to the Dearborn Education Foundation for $30,000 in funding to upgrade decrepit risers, aging recording equipment, and worn out uniforms. The foundation used its inaugural Green Tie event to spotlight Mr. Laura’s request (one of many it receives each year). In the audience that night, Mr. Brehm saw another opportunity to help his alma mater and its district. Thus, a partnership between Mr. Brehm, the Dearborn Public Schools’ district (contributing $6,500), and the foundation (contributing the remaining $6,500) was launched.

This grant will insure that there is continuity of equipment between Dearborn’s three traditional high schools. In addition, with upgraded recording equipment, the choir can improve its performances as well as submit audition recordings for performance opportunities at local, national, and international events. Perhaps most importantly, the new risers will give students a safe, stable platform on which to practice their craft.

FORE Dearborn Hits a Hole-in-One!

PR PhotoDEARBORN, Michigan (10/21/2014)—On September 28th, the Dearborn Education Foundation’s annual FORE (Funding Opportunities and Resources in Education) Golf Outing netted $60,000 and boasted 80 sponsors. The theme of the afternoon was local: Local businesses, local government, and local non-profits coming together to support local education. Led by event co-chairs, Dearborn Mayor Jack O’Reilly and Dearborn Public Schools’ Superintendent Brian Whiston, golfers and supporters gathered at the TPC Golf Course for an afternoon on the green topped off by dinner, awards, and a silent auction.

Even if you haven’t heard of the Dearborn Education Foundation, you are probably familiar with its work. Your neighborhood Dearborn school probably houses equipment and tools supplied by one of the foundation’s many grants. From books, microscopes, and computers to score boards, musical instruments, and stage sound systems, the foundation supports those educational tools that the district’s budget cannot provide.

The Dearborn Education Foundation’s board of directors and executive director extend their deepest thanks to AXA Advisors, the event’s presenting sponsor, as well as all of the golfers and businesses who contributed their time and resources. Eddie Fakhoury, the foundation’s executive director, extends a special thanks to the TPC staff and to all of the volunteers whose efforts made this event possible.

 FORE Sponsors:

Presenting: $7,500

•    AXA Advisors


Dinner: $5,000

•    DFCU


Lunch: $2,500

•    ADSA
•    Arthur Gallager
•    Comerica
•    Dearborn Federation of Teachers
•    Johnson Controls, Inc.
•    Tim Hortons
•    Trinity Transportation


Golf Cart: $2,000

•    Clark Construction
•    Habib’s Cuisine
•    Park Place
•    TMP Associates


Registration: $1,500

•    HAP


Student Foursome: $1,000

•    At Law Group
•    Bangkok 96
•    Johnson Controls, Inc.
•    Jon Campbell (McDonald’s Corp.)
•    LaBelle Electric
•    Public Affairs Associates
•    Robert & Mary Beth Mundt
•    Scrieber Roofing


4Some Special: $800

•    ASE Packing
•    BCBS of Michigan
•    Clark Hill
•    Dearborn Area Chamber
•    Henry Ford College
•    Howe Peterson
•    James & Darlene Schoolmaster
•    Kenwall Steel
•    Lower Huron Supply Co.
•    Mr. Tricoff
•    Plante & Moran
•    Republic Services
•    Steifel Nicolaus
•    Tim Currier
•    TYCO


Beverage Cart: $500

•    Beier Howlett
•    Clark Construction
•    Clark Hill
•    Dearborn Federal Savings Bank
•    Dearborn Sausage
•    Fairlane Town Center Mall
•    La Fontaine
•    LaBelle Electric
•    Lakeshore Energy
•    MAC Professionals
•    Master Craft Carpets
•    Midwest Health
•    Shane Anders (Area Towing)
•    Yogurtopia


Hole: $150

•    Anthony Guerriero
•    Anthony Shena
•    Besek Photography
•    Black, Black, & Associates
•    Byblos Banquets
•    CBI
•    CCC
•    Christoper Paulsen (for Dearborn School Board)
•    Commercial Industrial Services
•    Dearborn Rotary
•    EDSI
•    Fairlane Ford
•    Ford Land
•    Friends for the Dearborn Animal Shelter
•    George Darany, State Rep.
•    Hennessey Engineers
•    John B. O’Reilly, Jr., Dearborn Mayor
•    James Thorpe (Ameriprise)
•    Mike Sareini (Jorgensen Ford)
•    National Vision Admin, LLC
•    Republic Services
•    Strobl & Sharp, P.C.
•    Tenable Protective Services
•    THRUN
•    Village Ford
•    Walsh College
•    William's & Co.



•    Mike Sareini (Jorgensen Ford)

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